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April 2024 / March 2025

Cities to visit: Rome; Pisa, Tuscany; Santa Margherita Ligure; Portofino; Genoa; ; Milan; Verona; Venice, Véneto; Lugano; Lucerne; Zurich; Strasbourg; Paris; Rouen; English Channel; Canterbury; London; Colchester, England; Volendam; Amsterdam

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Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

TRANSFER from the airport, if you have it included or purchasing. Our transfer will be waiting for you with a poster on behalf of Europamundo or its name to the output of the custom (after collecting your luggage)..

Remember to inform us by phone if you lost your connection flight or expected delay of their arrival, in your VOUCHER figure the phone of the transfer.

IMPORTANT: If you had additional nights upon arrival the hotel will have your reservation, but his travel guide normally will not be until the night before the start of the tour.

Welcome to Italia.
Welcome to Rome! Upon arrival at the airport, we will be waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel . Free time.
19:00 hrs. - Meeting at the hotel reception. We will transfer you to the Esquiline area , one of the most typical areas of Rome, amidst the great basilicas and Roman archaeological sites. Back to the hotel.
- Remember that the hotel check-in is usually at 2:00 p.m. If you require more hours of room availability, consider booking an additional night at the beginning of your trip.
- IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS upon arrival at the hotel, you would have your hotel room booked, but normally you would meet your trip guide at the beginning of the included activities. At the reception desk you can also find the information on the telephone number and hours of assistance of our staff. YOUR TIME THEREFORE BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS FREE. The hotel staff can help you with all the information you need.
Note : The schedules that you will find in this itinerary are indicative. The guide, depending on the situation or the season of the year and in order to improve the development of the trip, may adjust the schedules.
08:30 hrs. - In the morning we include a city tour with a local guide of approximately two and a half hours. Our bus tour adapts to the rigid control system of tourist buses, established by the city council of the city, that circulate in Rome. In the sightseeing visit you will see ancient Rome, the so-called Imperial Rome with the Imperial Forums (entrance included) , an impressive architectural complex made up of monumental buildings and squares, the center of political activity at that time. We will pass by the Arch of Constantine, Marcellus Theater, Capitol Hill, Circus Maximus, Church of St. Maria in Cosmedin with the mouth of truth, Republican Temples, Baths of Caracalla, Aurelian Wall, Basilica of Santa María Maggiore and San John Lateran , Church of Santa María in Domnica (Navicella), Cestia Pyramid, St. Paul Gate, Lungo Tevere avenue with the Babylonian-style Jewish Synagogue, Tiber Island, passage in front of the Castle of St. Angel. Our city tour will finish in St. Peter´s Square in the Vatican , where you will have free time to attend, if you wish, the mass in the Vatican.
Free time in the afternoon.
Free day in Rome. We suggest that you make an exciting trip to the ruins of Pompeii and the island of Capri.
Total distance: 515 km.

Scenery: Beautiful coastal landscapes. We suggest that you carry your camera with you.
07.30h.- Rome –departure-. We travel towards the north of Italy with beautiful landscapes along the way. Stop in a service station by the highway.
12.00h.- Pisa –Arrival-. We include a train from the bus parking lot to the monumental precinct. Free time for visiting the impressive monuments of Pisa, where the Leaning Tower, the Baptistery and the cathedral stand out. Free time for lunch.
14.15h.- Pisa –departure-. We will drive along the Mediterranean coast. The mountains where the Carrara marble is produced look like they’re made of snow.
16.45h.- Santa Margherita de Ligure –Arrival-. We board a boat for a 20 minute journey to Portofino, one of the most exclusive places in Europe. Free time in Portofino . After that, we come back to Santa Margherita de Ligure, a lovely coastal city. Free time to walk around.
Note: we arrive at Portofino by boat. We recommend that you have some warm clothes at hand to enjoy the ride on the deck.
Note: Sometimes, due to the excessive number of tourists, there are long lines to take the touristic train in Pisa. In these cases, we suggest that you walk to the monumental site (900 meters away, approximately).
Note: Due to adverse weather conditions and during the winter, the boat to Portofino may not beds operating. In these cases, there will be more free time in Santa Margarita. If you wish to visit Portofino anyways, you can take the urban microbuses (bear in mind that the service is often behind schedule and the waiting times may be long).
19.15h.- Santa Margherita–departure-.
19.45h.- Genoa –Arrival-. Short free time in the downtown of this port city, where Christopher Columbus was born and which was a thriving commercial hub in the past.
Total distance: 445 km.

Scenery: We will encounter mountainous landscapes with snow-covered summits and large alpine lakes surrounded by extremely beautiful villages.
Note: please, have some warm clothes at hand. You may need to wear them to enjoy the boat rides included in the trip.
08:00h. - Genoa -departure. We take the highway that will take us to the great lakes. We will travel to the Lake Orta ; many people consider it to be Italy’s most beautiful lake due to its relatively isolated location and smaller size.
10:30h. - Orta de San Giulio -Arrival. It is an gorgeous medieval city on the banks of the lake. In the center of the lake, we will be able to see SAN GIULIO ISLAND and its monastery standing out. We will get to the downtown by train ; once there, we will sail to the island on boats reserved beforehand. We will have free time there to get to know the people and the place.
12.30h. - Orta de San Giulio -Departure.
14.00h.- Milan –Arrival-. You will have free time in the city center; free time for lunch and walking around its elegant downtown; shopping malls; gothic cathedral.
17.30h.- Milan –departure- We will travel across the Po industrial area.
20.00h.- Verona –Arrival-. Free time for dinner.
Total distance: 130 km.

Scenery: Beautiful entrance to Venice across the great bridge.
Verona -Arrival. Free time to walk around the city of Romeo and Juliette.
11.00h.- Verona –departure-.
12.30h.- Venice –Arrival-. We include the transfer by boat to Saint Mark’s Square, where we will meet the local guide after lunch. Then, we will visit St. Mark’s Square, Basilica, and Campanile. We will also visit a popular workshop of Murano glass where we will be able to admire the technique of this work. Free time. Perhaps you would like to take a ride on a gondola?
In the evening a transfer to the hotel (normally located in the Mestre area or nearby).
Total distance covered: 570 km
Scenery: Very beautiful landscapes. We cross the region of the Great Lakes and later the Alps with their high mountains, many months covered with snow.
NOTE: Don´t forget your camera: the landscapes of this day are magnificent. Don´t forget to carry your passport with you, it is sometimes required when entering Switzerland.
07:30 hrs. - Venice - departure. We travel to Switzerland. After following the Poo Valley and the Lombardy region we find lakes of great beauty. Step to Switzerland.
12:00 hrs. - Lugano -Arrival in the capital of the Italian-speaking Swiss cantons. City located next to a very beautiful lake. Time for a walk and lunch.
14:30 hrs. - Lugano - departure. We crossed the Alps through the Gotthard tunnel before finding the waters of the Lake of the Four Cantons.
16:45 hrs. - Lucerne –Arrival. Stop next to the "Wounded Lion" and time to enjoy this beautiful Swiss city on the shore of the lake.
18:45 hrs. - Lucerne - departure.
19:45 hrs.- Zurich.- Time to walk around the center next to the lake and have a dinner in a restaurant of your choice before moving to the hotel, located in the airport area.
Total distance: 705 km
Scenery: green landscapes and extensive crops. Rhine Valley.
07.30 h. - Zurich – Departure towards the French region of Alsace.
10:30 h. – Strasbourg – Arrival in the capital of Alsace. Time to get to know this charming city on the banks of the Rhine, whose medieval half-timbered streets between canals combine French and German influences. Today as home to several EU institutions, it symbolizes the understanding of its people.
14.15 h. - Strasbourg - Departure. We cross the region, where Champagne is produced.
20.45 h. - Paris - Arrival.
Total distance covered: 80 km
07:45 hrs. - Paris – departure.
08:30 hrs. - Versailles – Arrival to the Palace of Versailles (admission not included, long waits for tickets due to influx on some occasions). Immense Palace that belonged to the French kings; a good way to get acquainted with the culture and history of France.
11:30 hrs. - Versailles – departure - (the departure might be later in case of a long wait to enter the palace). Upon returning to Paris we head to Montmartre and taking a small cable car (included) we go up to this bohemian artists´ neighborhood to see the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and take a walk through its square and alleys.
15:00 hrs. - With a local guide we will begin the city tour of Paris lasting 2 and a half hours. During the visit you will be able to see the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées, Madelaine, Place de la Concorde, Opera, Louvre Museum, Tower St. Jacques, town hall, Ile de la Cite with the Notre Dame cathedral, Latin quarter, Pantheon, Sorbonne, Luxembourg gardens, Invalides, Military School, Champ de Mars-Eiffel Tower, banks of the Seine. We will make brief stops near the Invalides and the Champ de Mars. At the end of the city tour, we will return to the hotel, making a stop in the city center, so that people who still want to take advantage of their free time in Paris can get off the bus.
In the end of this very complete day, optionally, the guide will suggest you attend a cabaret or variety show in the evening, the Moulin Rouge or the Paradis Latin.
Note: due to the tourist complexity of Paris, the order of the services offered in the city may vary.
Note: if your trip coincides in Paris with the first Sunday of the month, in Versailles, only the gardens will be visited.
Total Distance: 140 km
Scenery: Extensive plains of northen France. Rouen.
08.30 hrs.- Departure from the hotel. We go to the EIFFEL TOWER , we include the ticket to go up to the second floor of this impressive metal monument (sometimes there are long waits to gain access due to massive influx). The second floor is considered to be the one with the best view, due to the optimal altitude in relation to the buildings below (on the third floor, they are less visible) and the general perspective (obviously more limited on the first floor). When the weather permits, it is estimated that it is possible to see up to 70 km away. After descending the tower we include a boat trip along the Seine River . Magnificent views of the main monuments and bridges of Paris on the majestic river. Journey of approximately an hour and a quarter.Free time later.
16.00 hrs.- Paris –we will leave for Rouen.-
18.15 hrs.- Rouen – Arrival and free time to walk and have dinner in the historic center of the capital of Normandy, an active city, whose origins date back to Roman times, with charming medieval architecture and an impressive Gothic cathedral.
20:45 hrs.- Transfer to the hotel and accommodation.
Note: Sometimes the waits to climb the Eiffel Tower are long, the climb may take place at a different time (or on Sunday), if it is considered convenient for organizational reasons.
Total Distance: 375 Km.
Scenery: interesting ferry crossing, green hills in England. Stroll alongside Tower Bridge.
Note: Remember to have your Passport ready, you will need it to cross the British border. -We recommend wearing warm clothing during the crossing. -It is necessary to set your watch back one hour when entering the UK. - The UK currency is the Pound; we recommend you change your currency on the ferry.
08.00 hrs- Rouen. Departure, we travel to the north of France.
11.00 h. Arrival to the port of Calais where we take the ferry to the UK followed by customs and border formalities. The ferry crossing takes one hour and a half. The ferry is modern and equipped with all commodities (restaurants, bars, areas in which to relax, games rooms, foreign exchange facilitles, shops).
13.30 h. (14.30 hrs. in France): Dover – arrival (approximate schedule due to availability of ferries), we disembark and set out for Canterbury.
14.15 hrs- Canterbury- arrival. Free time to stroll around the religious capital of England with a very attractive historic centre.
15.45 hrs- Continuation to London.
17:15 hrs. - London- On arrival in London, before going to the hotel, there will be time around Tower Bridge to see it lip up, to see the modern buildings of the city and have dinner in one of the restaurants of the area.
18.30 hrs. - Transfer to the hotel and accommodation.
In the early morning, comprehensive tour with local guide, lasting two hours and a half. We will see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Trafalgar Sq., Picadilly Sqare, Oxford Street, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace and the famous Changing of the Guard (depending on the time of year).
Afternoon at leisure.
18.30 h . In the evening, a stroll through Leicester Square, China Town and Soho , with its atmosphere, its theaters and its entertainment. Sit down for dinner at your preferred restaurant (Indian, Chinese, Thai, in­ternational, and so on) in the lively district. Return to hotel.
Total road distance: 170 km
Scenery: Pleasant hill scenery. Ferry crossing.
Notes: Remember to have your Passport ready, you may need it to leave the UK. -When entering in the Netherlands set your watch forward one hour (if it’s 11 ‘clock in London, it will be 12 o’clock in the Netherlands). Notes: we have a night crossing, put whatever you will need on the ferry in a carry-on suitcase.

After breakfast, we will go to the British Museum, one of the main and oldest museums in the world where we can see relics from cultures all around the globe. Free time.
At lunch time we provide transfer to Camden , a district famous for having one of the most varied and extravagant street markets in London where we can see relics from cultures all around the globe. Free time for lunch.
16.00 hrs- London - Departure.
18.45 hrs- Colchester - arrival the city known as the most ancient of England. Time to stroll.
20.45 hrs- Colchester. Departure, we will leave to Harwich.
21.30 hrs- Harwich- We will board a modern ferry with all the conditions of a cruise in Harwich, and take a night voyage in cabins with bathroom. Departure of the ferry scheduled at 23.00h. Night crossing to Netherlands.
Important note: Due to the fact that the ferry used has a limited number of cabins, sometimes the stage may undergo modifications and it might go from London to Amsterdam either by a day ferry (leaving around 17.00 hrs and spending the night in Antwerpen with a short stroll through the city) or, for reservations made less in advance, by train or plane to Amsterdam, including the transfers.
Total road distance: 130 km
Scenery: Dutch landscapes, plains, canals, mills. Picturesque typical village of Volendam. Visit to Amsterdam. Transfer to Rembrandtplein .
08.30 hrs.- Hoek Van Holland- Arrival and continuation of route.
10.00 hrs.- Volendam – We arrive in this charming fisherman’s village on the Southern Sea.
12.00 hrs.- Volendam – We head to Amsterdam.
12.30 hrs.- Amsterdam – Arrival, free time for lunch. After that we include the city tour with a local guide of approximately two hours. We will begin the visit by stopping in front of the mill and statue of Rembrandt, one of the most attractive mills in Holland. We will continue through the Rai convention center, crossing the south of the city, the most exclusive part of Amsterdam. Next we will stop at the Museum Square to learn about the diamond cutting technique at the Diamond Museum. Later we will go towards the Amstel River, entering the old Jewish quarter with its Holocaust monument and the Portuguese Synagogue, passing later through the old port and the maritime museum. Finally we will head towards the central station, where we will leave the bus and having a pleasant walk, we will reach the church of San Nicolas, the heart of the city, where we will finish the visit.
Free time. In the evening we include a transfer to Rembrandplein with its many restaurants from all corners of the world, where you can dine at your pleasure, and near the red light district, with its liberal values. It is very likely that you will have heard about this neighborhood. Return to hotel.
After breakfast, end of our services.

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